Art Director, Editorial Designer and Adviser
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I am interested in content. Content within persons, objects, projects… Every time, everywhere. That is probably why, as a Graphic Designer, I’ve grown a deep connection with the editorial field. Giving a story a visual voice strikes me as a very attractive challenge.

Born in Madrid in 1973, I studied Graphic Design at Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering, where I was licensed with the Bachelor of Arts with Honors title by the University of Southampton in 1996. I started my professional career at Feriche Black, an editorial design studio where I stayed for ten years, soon becoming its Art Director. A couple of years and a daughter later, I worked at LoSiento Studio as Project Manager and led a practical books project within Editorial RBA as its Art Director. Nowadays, I work independently. Through all these years, I have art directed and created the original design for multiple editorial projects.

Besides the graphic development, I highly enjoy taking over the direction of all the professionals involved in any visual project, specially the part regarding the images’ production. Guiding, sharing and cooperating with all the team members has always been my most appealing duty.

Since I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by the world of the image, the place where senses break through and truth is unshielded. Being aware of my limited talent as a photographer, I drew upon my visual sensibility and editing skills to get closer to the visual universe. That is why through my career I have worked closely with photographers and developed activities around the photographic discipline. No matter what, I still take terrible pictures.

I was very young when a friend invited me to take over his Editorial Design classes as a teacher. “What an eccentric proposal”, I thought. “Me, showing up in front of twenty strangers and telling them how to do things?”. I declined, but other offers came. I started my teaching activity in 2008 and learned that it is a much more complex and thrilling enterprise than telling someone how to do something. The gratitude it awakens in me is endless.

I have heartily taught in Barcelona’s main Design Universities for the last years: Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering, Bau Centro Universitario de Diseño de Barcelona and Eina Centre Universitari de Disseny i Art de Barcelona. I have given away different classes within the Graphic Design discipline: Editorial Design, Image for Communication, Photographic Editing and Art Direction, The state of Photography after Abu Ghraib (workshop), Graphic Projects, Final Degree Project tutor, among others.

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Some of my work from the following: Bar Calders 10 anys fanzine: Art direction and design / The Unique Wines of Uruguay & Uruguay Vinos Únicos books: Art Direction, original design and production / Ling Magazine (at Feriche Black): Art Direction and original design for Vueling Airlines’ Magazine / La Cocina de Jamie Oliver from a series of book covers’ design for RBA Editores / LeCool Changed My Life Guide to Barcelona (at Feriche Black): Art Direction and original design.

Art direction: Rocío Hidalgo
Design: Helena Esteban
Code: Sergio Entrena